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A new pattern

I’m really excited to introduce a new pattern! I have been wanting to make a smaller doll pattern lately, and I wanted it to be a bit more simple.

This doll has a very simple face, much closer to a Waldorf style doll. Making this doll was really a lot of fun for me, there is something so sweet in her face and simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, I love the needle felted face of the art dolls, but to have a sweet round face so open to interpretation is a refreshing change at the moment. It is also nice to have a new little doll completed in a matter of days instead of weeks, so it keeps me a little more balanced.

I’m so excited to introduce the 8" Peanut! This one has gone through a few names already, and hasn’t quite settled on one yet… She is also waiting not so patiently for her wardrobe to be complete. Please excuse the poor photo quality, I snapped a quick one with my phone, the next ones will be better!

She will be available in my hyena cart shop soon so stay tuned! I will be making a few more of these in the near future to post in my shop as well, maybe some little boys perhaps?

Arden-A Natural Fiber Art Doll ready to play

He is complete!

Arden is a natural fiber art doll ready to play. He loves the outdoors and is ready for spring to arrive. He dreams of playing in the dirt and catching crayfish in the creek. He can be quiet or boisterous, depending on his mood of the day, but is always thoughtful in his actions. His charming smile and freckles will warm the heart- he is so excited to find a forever home.

Arden is made using quality natural materials, with many hours of loving care and attention to detail. His skin is premium quality cotton interlock, and he is stuffed with clean and carded wool. His face is carefully shaped with needle felting, eyes embroidered with brown thread, and cheeks blushed with beeswax crayon. He has cute freckles added along his nose and cheeks with a freckle pen. Arden's fluffy fine hair was knitted with wild brushable mohair.

He comes wearing his outfit seen in the picture, made by me-his green long sleeve shirt, denim pants, hand knitted cowl, and hand knitted boots.

Crafted in my smoke free, pet friendly home studio, Arden is intended for an older child or adult collector and is not suitable for young children.

Arden was made using a Cutest Creations pattern.

To welcome him into your home, visit my shop here: Arden-A Natural Fiber Art Doll



I have a new wool creation to share with you. I have never made two dolls alike, not even from the same pattern. You see, I have been constantly changing my patterns to improve my dolls. It can be challenging to create a pattern that will allow the doll to sit better, or have better proportions for the age the doll is supposed to be, enable posability, etc.

Recently I decided I would like to try a pattern other than my own. I ordered two separate Cutest Creations patterns from Jenn over at the Lali Dolls etsy store. She has some really nice patterns, and I enjoyed creating with them. The first pattern is the 14" Pacifier Doll pattern, and it is from this pattern that I crafted a new doll for my daughter.

Meet Althea!

I omitted the pacifier part and opted for a needle felted face. She is so very cute and cuddly. She is already going to need a bath soon from all the love she is getting!

I am so grateful for all of the wonderful doll makers out there and the amazing dolls they create as well as the knowledge and guidance they share.

Jenn was very kind and gave me permission to sell a couple of dolls made from her Cutest Creations Patterns. I will be making another doll from this pattern, and I also have an up and coming doll made with the 20" Wildflower Doll pattern that will be available in my hyena cart shop soon!

Thank you for reading!


This doll is a new pattern I made with the intention to make something simple and sturdy for little ones to play with hat could also be sewn up a little faster than my more intricate and detailed dolls. Years ago when my daughter was a baby, I had made her a toy rabbit named “Bunny Foo Foo.“ She was made from a pair of up-cycled wool socks, and her body was very similar to this doll pattern except I crafted the legs differently.

Meet February.

She is enjoying her walk in the woods despite the sprinkling rain and chill in the air. She knows spring is on the way, and though she is excited, there is something she will miss about the winter.

With rain drops in her hair, she wonders about her new home. She is a positive minded girl, so she believes it will be splendid!

February was lovingly made for a dear friend’s granddaughter, and I am so excited for her to meet her new family members!

Thank you for reading!

A custom doll for a sweet little girl

I was so excited to start my first custom order for such a sweet little girl. Up until this point I had only been making dolls for family members.

My dear friend saw two of the dolls I had made for my children, and exclaimed how she loved them and had been wanting one for her daughter. She asked if I could make her one, and requested purple highlights in her hair and green or blue eyes.

The doll shares the name of the little girl she was made for. I tried and tried to name her something else....but it just seemed fitting, so Patience she is.

She is quiet and thoughtful, and then will take you by surprise with her michevious smile!

Thank you for reading!

A Spring Doll for a New Baby

I was so excited to make this doll for my cousin’s new baby. I know she will not be big enough to play with it for a while, but making it for her was so much fun for me.

Her name is Pip! She is a spunky little girl who loves sunshine and sunflowers. She is made from one of my own patterns, and I am so pleased with how she turned out.

Her full outfit consists of a orange and yellow bonnet, booties with leather ties, and a custom diaper with a felt sunflower.

Thank you for reading!