About Me

Hi! I am Jen, the artist behind Roots and Wings Studio.

I live in the woods in a sweet little home with my husband, two children, and furry family members. We live amongst a wonderful community of people who work together on our vision to live more intentionally and in harmony with each other and the earth. I am a homeschooling mom who has left her career as a nurse for the time being to focus on family, community, and doing things we love together. I love Waldorf education and unschooling (and embrace a combination of both-crazy as it may seem); peaceful parenting; nature; making things from scratch, whether food or crafty things; canoeing; hiking; gardening; and the list goes on…

My journey making dolls started with the desire to make a Waldorf style doll for my daughter; so I got to work, researching as much as I could and pouring over hours of YouTube videos and tutorials. With this in combination with the basic sewing skills I possessed and love for creating things of natural materials, my doll making journey was born. I have been making dolls ever since, and finally have come around to putting them out into the world to share with others (other than my family and friends, who have several of my first dolls!). I never could have imagined this to be what I love doing; it is just so wonderful to create these little wool beings and see who they become, each one so unique. I give my thanks to all the wonderful doll makers that have made available their tutorials, patterns, and helpful advice….without it I would have been lost!

The name “Roots and Wings“ is inspired by the quote credited to Hodding Carter: “There are but two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings." This really speaks to me and the way I try to guide my children in life to become who they are and approach each day with reverence.