A new pattern

I’m really excited to introduce a new pattern! I have been wanting to make a smaller doll pattern lately, and I wanted it to be a bit more simple.

This doll has a very simple face, much closer to a Waldorf style doll. Making this doll was really a lot of fun for me, there is something so sweet in her face and simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, I love the needle felted face of the art dolls, but to have a sweet round face so open to interpretation is a refreshing change at the moment. It is also nice to have a new little doll completed in a matter of days instead of weeks, so it keeps me a little more balanced.

I’m so excited to introduce the 8" Peanut! This one has gone through a few names already, and hasn’t quite settled on one yet… She is also waiting not so patiently for her wardrobe to be complete. Please excuse the poor photo quality, I snapped a quick one with my phone, the next ones will be better!

She will be available in my hyena cart shop soon so stay tuned! I will be making a few more of these in the near future to post in my shop as well, maybe some little boys perhaps?