I have a new wool creation to share with you. I have never made two dolls alike, not even from the same pattern. You see, I have been constantly changing my patterns to improve my dolls. It can be challenging to create a pattern that will allow the doll to sit better, or have better proportions for the age the doll is supposed to be, enable posability, etc.

Recently I decided I would like to try a pattern other than my own. I ordered two separate Cutest Creations patterns from Jenn over at the Lali Dolls etsy store. She has some really nice patterns, and I enjoyed creating with them. The first pattern is the 14" Pacifier Doll pattern, and it is from this pattern that I crafted a new doll for my daughter.

Meet Althea!

I omitted the pacifier part and opted for a needle felted face. She is so very cute and cuddly. She is already going to need a bath soon from all the love she is getting!

I am so grateful for all of the wonderful doll makers out there and the amazing dolls they create as well as the knowledge and guidance they share.

Jenn was very kind and gave me permission to sell a couple of dolls made from her Cutest Creations Patterns. I will be making another doll from this pattern, and I also have an up and coming doll made with the 20" Wildflower Doll pattern that will be available in my hyena cart shop soon!

Thank you for reading!