This doll is a new pattern I made with the intention to make something simple and sturdy for little ones to play with hat could also be sewn up a little faster than my more intricate and detailed dolls. Years ago when my daughter was a baby, I had made her a toy rabbit named “Bunny Foo Foo.“ She was made from a pair of up-cycled wool socks, and her body was very similar to this doll pattern except I crafted the legs differently.

Meet February.

She is enjoying her walk in the woods despite the sprinkling rain and chill in the air. She knows spring is on the way, and though she is excited, there is something she will miss about the winter.

With rain drops in her hair, she wonders about her new home. She is a positive minded girl, so she believes it will be splendid!

February was lovingly made for a dear friend’s granddaughter, and I am so excited for her to meet her new family members!

Thank you for reading!