Sweet Adeline

Oh, sweet Adeline…she is so shy but very determined to have her way. On this beautiful sunny morning she dressed herself in her favorite spring dress, but she is so reluctant to let go of that chunky scarf. “It still gets chilly!" she exclaims.

I tried to tell her that it really was warm outside, but she layered it on anyway. It didn’t take long for her to start undressing once we went out for our walk in the sun to see what new plants are popping up.

Then she tried the other side of her dress, because it’s reversible and so much fun! Before long she was completely naked…it seems this is the way with Adeline, she is either completely bundled or refuses to wear clothes at all.

If you catch her singing or dancing, just look from the corner of your eye, or pretend you don’t hear her, for if you pay to much attention she will get quiet and give you that coy smile, then run off and hide or start doing something else.

I have really had so much fun with Adeline, she was a joy to create and create clothes for. She will always be very dear to my heart as the first of my original 8" Peanut pattern. As reluctant as I am, I know that it is time for her to find her forever home.

Adeline is a Waldorf inspired, natural fiber doll. She is made with high quality cotton interlock fabric and stuffed with clean carded wool. Her hair is wild brushable mohair in red brown, eyes are embroidered dark green with cotton embroidery thread, and cheeks are blushed with beeswax crayon.

She comes wearing her favorite reversible spring dress with lace trim along the bottom, as well as that chunky scarf she refuses to pack away with the winter clothes. (Squirrel not included.) She will need up to 2 business days to be lovingly and carefully packed.

Adeline is available in my store RootsWingsStudio Hope to see you there! Thank you for reading!

Adeline, 8" Waldorf inspired doll